Penn Hills Municipal Building
102 Duff Road
Penn Hills, PA 15235
412 342-1086
Office Hours:
Monday through Friday
8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Starting in April and lasting throughout Spring and Summer, PennDOT will be sealcoating State Roads throughout Penn Hills. This is essential maintenance used to extend the longevity of the roadways.
The roads being affected by this are as follows:

  • State Route 130 (Sandy Creek Rd/Coal Hollow Rd/Beulah Rd)
  • Allegheny River Blvd to Churchill Borough line
  • State Route 400 (Saltsburg Rd)
  • Leechburg Rd to Plum Borough line
  • State Route 2056 (School St)
  • Lott Rd to Reiter Rd
  • State Route 2058 (Verona Rd/Saltsburg Rd)
  • Robinson Blvd/Frankstown Rd to Hulton Rd/Frankstown Rd
  • State Route 2059 (Long Rd)
  • Beulah Rd to Frankstown Rd
  • State Route 2060 (Aber Rd)
  • Nadine Rd to Mount Carmel Rd
  • State Route 2063 (Frey Rd)
  • Universal Rd to Municipality of Monroeville line
  • State Route 2064 (Lime Hollow Rd)
  • Coal Hollow Rd to Frankstown Rd
  • State Route 2065 (Thompson Run Rd)
  • Municipality of Monroeville line to Universal Rd
  • State Route 2066 ( Lott Rd)
  • Thompson Run Rd to Plum Borough line
  • State Route 2067 (Stotler Rd)
  • Saltsburg Rd to Universal Rd
  • State Route 2069 (Blackadore Ave)
  • Mount Carmel Rd to City of Pittsburgh line
  • State Route 2106 {Reiter Rd)
  • Universal Rd to Saltsburg Rd

**Signs will be posted in advance of this operation and traffic will be maintained throughout all operations.



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