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New Cart Information

With the new 65-gallon recycling carts, now is a great time to be sure you are recycling all you can!  Be sure to look at the picture to see what all you can recycle!  Delivery boxes, junk mail, laundry detergent bottles, all can be recycled!  Breaking down those boxes makes even more sense, to be able to fit more into your recycling cart – makes less waste in your trash cart!

  • Why am I receiving trash and recycling carts? The use of carts that are specifically manufactured for waste collection has proven to have benefits for residents as well as waste employees. Residents enjoy cleaner, easier and efficient collection.  The risk of injury to employees is reduced.
  • Who will receive the new carts? Single and two-family housing structures will receive carts.
  • Do I have to pay for the carts? No. The carts are being provided as a benefit of Penn Hills’ waste collection contract with Republic Services.
  • When will my carts be delivered? Carts will be deployed starting December 11. Carts will be deployed in order of service day, so Monday first, then Tuesday, etc. Cart deployment may take 2 weeks.
  • Who will deliver the carts? A third party not associated with Penn Hills or Republic Services will deploy carts.  Crews will NOT be able to answer questions regarding carts or service.
  • Will the trash and recycling carts come together? Yes, the trash and recycling carts should come together to each residential address.
  • What should I do with my old container? You may keep it or set it out with a note to be taken as trash.
  • Do I have to use the cart(s)? We are supplying carts to residents for use for trash and recycling. All recycling should be loose in the supplied recycling cart, and all bagged trash should be placed in the supplied trash cart.
  • Will my collection schedule change? No schedule changes are anticipated at this time.
  • What if I have more trash? The limit is 10 items, to include up to a possible 2 large items*.  If your bags of trash do not all fit inside the supplied cart, you can place the remainder in either a second cart purchased from Republic Services, or a similar style cart.  All bags should be within a container; no loose bags should be on the ground.
  • Can I purchase an additional cart? Yes, additional carts can be purchased directly from Republic Services for $85 each.
  • What if my cart is damaged? Cart design has been improved through the years so that repairs are rarely needed. However, please call Republic Services if you need assistance.  Please note:  Containers other than Republic Services-issued carts will not be repaired or replaced.
  • I didn’t get a cart? Cart deployment may take 2 weeks.  Carts will be delivered according to address lists; if you see an adjacent street receive carts and not your street, please allow time for the crews to come back to your street before reporting an issue.
  • How do I get more information? Customer service personnel are available by calling 877-788-9400.
Recycle Can New Info 1
Recycle Can New Info 2

Recycling Rules and Materials

Plastics #1 and #2 will only be accepted, plastic containers #3 – #7 and all glass containers are no longer acceptable. These materials should now be included in your trash receptacle.

See details below on the full range of materials now being accepted in your red recycling containers. These changes are a result of changing demands and outlets for recyclable materials throughout the world. Also new starting 2019, items must be placed LOOSELY in your recycling container(s) and NOT in plastic bags.

Recycling containers that have unacceptable levels of contamination may not be serviced or collected until they are in compliance with established recycling collection rules.

Penn Hills & Republic Services® E-Waste Collection

E-Waste Services beginning on January 2, 2019

E-waste collection is a service to residents in the Municipality of Penn Hills offered  by Republic Services. There is no additional charge for this service. E-Waste can now be safely collected from each home by calling (877) 788-9400. Data destruction is assured.

There will be a limit of two televisions and/or computer monitors during each collection. Residents must call to arrange for collection. Residents will then be asked to describe the items they wish to be collected. Residents will be told when and where on their property the E-Waste will be collected. The E-Waste items will NOT be placed at the curb with the weekly waste. E-Waste collection will be made with a separate truck and crew and may not be on the same day as your regular waste collection.

E-Waste will include televisions, computers, monitors, VCRs and DVD players, printers, fax machines, cable boxes, keyboards, gaming equipment and similar electronic waste.

Waste Items Not Accepted

Laws require that all residents separate the following items from their landfill-bound waste for the proper disposal. Please contact Republic Services for information on several convenient ways for residents to keep these materials out of landfills.

  • Unbagged waste
  • Dirt, stone, rocks
  • Hazardous materials
  • Liquids
  • Large auto & truck parts
  • Appliances containing freon
  • Televisions, computers & other electronics (see above instruction regarding e-waste)
  • Medical waste
  • Paint still in liquid form
  • Engine and machine oils


Items must be placed LOOSELY in your recycling container and NOT in plastic bags.

  • Aluminum cans
  • Cereal boxes
  • Clean pizza boxes
  • Cracker boxes
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Dry food boxes
  • Junk mail & envelopes
  • Magazines & catalogs
  • Newsprint & inserts
  • Office paper
  • Plastic milk containers
  • Juice boxes & cartons
  • Plastics #1 and #2
  • Phone books
  • Paperback books
  • Steel cans
  • Tissue boxes
  • Wrapping paper

Be sure your recyclables are EMPTY, CLEAN, and DRY before placing them in your recycling container.


These items can NEVER be placed in your recycling container. Beginning in 2019, glass and plastics #3 – #7 will no longer be accepted.

  • No food waste
  • No yard waste
  • No ceramics or dishes
  • No plastic grocery bags
  • No motor oil containers
  • No electronics
  • No glass bottles or jars
  • No plastics #3 – #7
  • No clothing
  • No batteries
  • No light bulbs
  • No fast food packaging
  • No window glass
  • No clothing or linens
  • No construction waste


Penn Hills Businesses: Why Recycle?

It’s the Law

Pennsylvania Act 101 requires commercial, municipal and institutional establishments to recycle a number of materials.

As stated in Penn Hills’ Ordinance 1601.04 section (i):

“Persons must separate high grade office paper, aluminum, corrugated paper, leaf waste and other such materials as may be designated by the Municipality, generated at commercial, Municipal and institutional establishments and from community activities and store such recyclable materials until collection.”

If you would like more information call the Municipality of Penn Hills Department of Planning and Economic Development at 412-342-1174.

Financial Incentives

Reducing the amount of materials in the garbage dumpster may reduce the frequency of hauler service, thus potentially cutting costs. Moreover, recycling may result in the need for a smaller sized garbage dumpster or fewer dumpsters, leading to an additional savings.

The Market for Recycled Materials

Cardboard, papers, and aluminum, to name a few, are widely traded commodities. By recycling these materials, your business may reap cost savings passed on by your recycling hauler.

Tips for Small Businesses

A small office or retail establishment may not be able to effectively recycle by itself, due to producing too little volume to justify the cost of collection.

Team Up

Small businesses may want to join together and cooperatively negotiate a contract for trash and recycling services. Cooperative businesses are able to save money by sharing expenses on collection fees, storage bins, compactors, balers, transportation, and labor.

Reduce Waste

  • Eliminate junk mail – remove company name from direct mailing lists
  • Reuse packing materials or donate them
  • Make double sided copies

Need a Hauler for Your Recyclables?

(Please note: Neither the Municipality of Penn Hills nor PRC recommends or endorses these haulers)

  • Republic Services:
    • 1-877-788-9400
  • Waste Management:
    • North Huntington
    • 1-800-458-4090
  • Associated Paper Stock, Inc.:
    • North Lima, OH
    • 330-549-5311
  • All Safe Document Destruction:
    • Wilmerding
    • 412-823-8703
    • (office paper, cardboard, aluminum, etc.)
  • Unipaper Recycling Company/Metalife Resources:
    • Carnegie
    • 412-429-8522
    • (Aluminum cans, cardboard, plastics, newspaper, etc.)
  • Shred It:
    • Pittsburgh
    • 1-888-750-6450
    • (Confidential document destruction)
  • Paper Exchange
    • Pittsburgh
    • 412-325-7075
    • (all types of paper and cardboard)
  • PA Recyclers
    • Springdale
    • 724-274-4844
    • (plastics, aluminum and tin cans, paper, and glass)
  • eLOOP, LLC
    • 724-519-7646
  • Evolution E-Cycling
    • 412-390-3450

Note: Some of these haulers listed above have drop-off centers at their facilities.

Did You Know?

Businesses in Penn Hills are required to report the amount of material they recycle each year.

Penn Hills Recycling Ordinance 1601.04 Section (i) states:

“If materials are collected by a collector other than the Municipality or its authorized agent, occupants of said establishment shall submit an annual report to the Municipality by January 15th of each year. The report shall contain information on the tonnage of materials recycled during the previous year.”

Penn Hills receives funding in the form of a performance Grant each year from The Department of Environmental Protection based on the amount of tonnage collected. Your participation will help to increase this number.

Waste Assessments

Do you really know what types of waste your company generates? A waste assessment can help determine the composition of your business’ waste stream and see how it is being handled. Contact the Pennsylvania Resources Council (PRC) at 412-488-7490 for more information.

Additional Recycling Resources

Looking for something to do with building materials?You can make a tax-deductible donation of usable building materials to the non-profit organization Construction Junction. Contact them at 412-243-5025 or visit

For accurate and up to date recycling and disposal information, call the Pennsylvania Resources Council (PRC) at 412-488-7490